HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series Live Stream

Rugby 7s Live Stream

HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series Live Stream

HSBC World Rugby 7s Live Stream


Rugby sevens also referred to as Sevens, is a form of Rugby Union in which the team consists of seven players playing seven-minute halves, Unlike the standard 15 players playing 40-minute halves. Rugby Sevens is organized by World Rugby which is the governing body for the sport of Rugby Union.

The sport is well-liked at amateur and club tournaments generally conducted in summer.
Rugby Sevens is admired in different parts of America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and specifically in the South Pacific.

Game Rules
Sevens is played on a field similar to that used in Rugby Union. The field can be as much as 70 meters (230 feet) broad and 100 meters (330) feet long. H-shaped goalposts are located on each goal line. On the Goal line are the Goal Posts.
In contrast to this, the goalposts in American football are located behind the goal line.
The time of Rugby Sevens is the rule change that stands out the most. A rugby union match lasts 80 minutes and is divided into two 40 minutes halves, On the other hand, Rugby Sevens is played for a total of 14 minutes, With each half lasting seven minutes. The off-field rule is the other significant difference. 

Rugby Sevens World Cup
Since the inaugural season of the Rugby sevens World cup held in 1999-2000, It is being held every four years. Starting from around October and ending around June.
Team New Zealand has always been assertive by winning 3 World cups out of 8.
The last world cup of Rugby Sevens took place in South Africa, in September 2022, In which Fiji stood as Champions.

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